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Regular 60-minute Massage Rates
60 minutes $65


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Services Available

Massage Regular 60-minute Rates 60 minutes $60 Pre-paid specials 6 prepaid $50 per visit ($300) 12 prepaid $45 per visit ($540) Special Rates for: Bonell Residents And those 70+ 60 minutes…

About Me

I’m Rose Esparza with Rose’s Professional Massage Therapy. A licensed Massage therapist in Colorado and certified in geriatric massage. Specializing in therapeutic muscle work, deep tissue, trigger point, hot stones and…

Specialist in muscle Therapy

Specicalizing in therapeutic muscle work, deep tissue, trigger point, hot stones an stress relieve.

About Me

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You need a massage? I would strongly suggest your going to see Rose. She is a great person with wonderful credentials. When I go to her, she has the ability to customize my needs. With her professional training, she has helped me to reduce stress pain, and to take care of knotted muscles. She not only eases muscle pain, but she soothes anxiety and depression. I have had some concerns with my sleep patterns and she has improved my sleep. Not only is she a great professional therapist, but she is a person with high morals who has helped me as we have discussed spiritual values. I would highly recommend her professional services.
Marion Leh

Rose is absolutely amazing. She seems to have a special gift, of knowing where the pain is and how to relieve it. Almost like she is spiritually assisted. I came to Rose with extreme pain in my lower back near my sciatic nerve, she helped me to relax and also helped to relieve the pain. She knew exactly where to touch, the trigger points and what to stretch to help remove the pain. Rose has helped me gain strength, flexibility and she has helped me relieve so much stress during hard times recently. I cannot thank her enough. She doesn't just address the physical aspects of your body and where you need attention but helps you to clear your mind and find inner peace. Rose is top notch and she comes highly recommended! 5 out of 5 stars!
Rosita : Beyond Images by Rosita

I like the way Rose fixed my foot. My foot would turn to the side when I walked. After one visit the problem was solved and my foot is now straight (even months later). Rose puts me in a state of relaxation.
Donovan Holman