How very blessed I am to know my calling. That is what my friends tell me quite often. The comment I hear most often is, "I wish I knew what my calling." I have, for years, told my family that I was chosen. One of my nephews, when he heard 'I was chosen' asked me what that meant. My reply to this wonderful young man was that we are all chosen, but so few know and accept the fact.

Being chosen however is a far cry from knowing what your calling is. Every day in Corporate America (from which I retired) is just another day most of the time. When I knew that massage therapy was my calling did not come to me until two years after I had opened my business. Until then I was giving massages, enjoying what I was doing, but I really did not see it as a calling.


When God let me know what I could actually do through massage was in May of 2015. A young man came into my clinic looking for help. He was facing pain in his left leg so severe he could no longer work. He had taken a fall seven month earlier, had seen medical doctors, Chiropractors, but the pain was getting worse. Could I help? I wasn't sure, but I wanted to try.

Upon examination, I discovered trigger-points in his piriformis. Now the piriformis muscle is deep in the glut-area. This is a muscle, when tight, can pinch the sciatica nerve sending pain down the leg. We scheduled a number of one-hour visits. Each visit allowed him more mobility, until on the fifth visit he could do a squat without any pain.

After this happened God just began sending me others with medical issues that were not taken care of through medical or chiropractic care. Each case took me back to my massage books and beyond. I began purchasing more books to learn even more about the muscles and how they affect each other. Even today I have to sometimes go back to my books so I know exactly what I need to do.

Seeing a person who cannot sit, stand or lay down without pain experience pain-free living again is so rewarding. I give God the credit as I am just the servant he has allowed to do his work. I can't heal everyone, but those that receive help are my blessings indeed. God is Good.