Therapeutic Massage

The name of my business is Rose’s Professional Massage Therapy which would imply that I do therapeutic massage. When I started my business in 2013 my specialty was relaxation through stress release and deep tissue only when it would help with stress release.  

In 2014 I started getting clients with specific issues. This led to more study of muscle groups so I could understand which muscles were causing the problems. It also led to learning what stretches were appropriate for the area of concern.


As more clients requested specific work I learned more and more about working specific muscle groups through massage therapy. Then I began looking at the nerves which run through certain muscles and how those nerves could be pinched by tight muscles. By concentrating on trigger points in key muscles, some pinched nerves could be released.

Now, I truly consider my massage work to be therapeutic. Although I still deal a lot with stress release it is the opposite from when I started. In the beginning it was stress release first and muscle work if it supported stress release. Now it’s muscle work and stress release if it supports the muscle work.

Therapeutic Massage - How do you know?

RPMT-deep-tissue-10-300x199.jpg Therapeutic Massage can help neck issues caused by texting, computer work, reading etc.

How can you determine if a therapist does therapeutic work?  Talk to the therapist to make sure he/she is familiar with the pain you are experiencing. Does he/she impress you as being knowledgeable in what you are describing? Does he/she ask questions to better understand what you are describing? Does he/she make some treatment suggestions?

If you are comfortable with the questions asked and the answers given to your questions you could schedule a massage. This is the true test. Does the therapist explain what is being done, what things are being looked for, check with you to make sure the therapy is not causing pain or discomfort and if it is, why it is necessary to work through the pain and discomfort to get to muscle release and pain relief?  Did pain release happen? Do you feel more mobility? Were your requests met?