As to who should get a massage, my standard answer is everyone. That is everyone who if free of a contraindication. A contraindication is something that may cause a massage to be harmful.  Some examples of contraindications would be; if you had a communicative decease, a viral infection, recent surgery, or broken bones.

Now that we have established that everyone without contraindications should get a massage, how often should a person get a massage? If money is no object, daily is the perfect answer. Daily massages will increase and maintain circulation and toxin removal. They will keep one healthier, happier, and calmer.

Unfortunately, for most of us, daily massages are not a viable option. So, what is optimal for most people. For healthy, no-stress people, I strongly recommend once or twice a month just to maintain health and to feel better.   I recommend the same for people who have little stress or repetitive jobs.

For people who have chronic pain that effects their daily lives, I recommend once to three times a week.  This can be 30 to 90 minutes depending on the circumstances. For one area of localized pain a 30-minute session for that one area may be enough. However, if the whole body is involved such as with arthritis or body misalignment I would recommend the longer sessions. 

Because I believe that repetitive appointments are so very important, I offer discounts for prepaid visits. My regular rate is $60 per hour, but with prepay for 6 visits the cost drops to $50 ($300). For a half-hour visit my rate is $30, but if with a prepay for 6 visits that cost drops to $25 ($150). That is like getting one free visit and allows me to keep informed at to progress made. 

I look forward to booking your next massage, just call (970) 691-7095.